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I have recently listed my company as an Amazon Professional Seller. I would like to switch to Amazon Handmade as a seller. Would anyone have any information on how to do this?

Thank you in advance,


Hey Boutique_C_S,

This recently happened to a friend of mine.

What she had to do was apply from inside the Amazon Seller Central menu. Basically you should be able to do this:

  • Head over to Catalog
  • click on “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon”
  • Look for the Handmade section, it should have a restricted symbol with “Learn More”. Click that.
  • That should automatically launch the application process.

Once you get approved it should automatically convert your account over to a handmade account, and no longer charge the professional seller fees (which are waived as of this posting).

Assuming that you will have all your listing inside of Handmade, that should waive the fees, there are some rules about that, which I can’t say I remember them all off the top of my head, so if you have existing listings outside of handmade you might have to recreate them.

Hope this helps!.



Thank you very much for your help it is greatly appreciated.

I am going to list my products on Amazon Custom as my products are decorated and not Handmade.

Thank you once again.

Boutique C & S Promotions Inc.

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