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Send to Amazon: Box content information Excel file common errors

This page includes a list of the key errors that may come up when you upload box content information using the Excel file upload method in Send to Amazon.

The table below can help you identify the error string and understand what it means and why the error occurred, so that you can act to fix the problem.

String ID String Context
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_CLI_Mismatch The box content information provided in the Excel spreadsheet does not match the SKUs of the pack group Contents in the box content information don't match the contents in the pack group. This could happen if, for example, you uploaded a completed file meant for a different pack group.
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_TamperedFile The uploaded file is not valid. Use the Excel spreadsheet that is generated using the link above to provide box content information. The Excel file is encrypted, and a password is required to edit certain fields. If you open the file with spreadsheet application other than Excel, the password protection will be removed. You can upload a file without a password, but if you mistakenly modify the format or upload a different file type, such as a .pdf or .csv, you will see this error.
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_ExpectedQuantity_Mismatch The total quantity of units for certain SKUs does not match the expected quantity Displayed when the total quantity in the box doesn’t match the expected quantity.
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_InvalidInput One or more cells have invalid information. Correct the error and upload the file again. Displayed when data was entered in an incorrect format, for example, a non-numerical value was entered for quantity, weight, or dimensions.
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_BoxWeightMissing Box weight details are missing for one or more boxes Displayed when a box weight value is missing for one or more boxes.
AGFS_STA_Error_CLIFileUpload_BoxDimensionMissing Box dimension details are missing for one or more boxes Displayed when a box dimension value is missing for one or more boxes.
AFGS_STA_Exception_TryAgain Something went wrong. Try again later. This is likely a transient issue that you can resolve by refreshing the page or trying again later. If the error persists, please contact Selling Partner Support.
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