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About Mange Your Experiments

Manage Your Experiments lets you run A/B tests (also known as split tests) on the A+ content on your brand’s listings. Experiments let you compare two versions of content against each other so you can see what performs better. At the end of an experiment, you can see which version of A+ content had more unit sales and see estimates of the annualized impact of publishing the winning A+ content. You can use the learnings from experiments to improve other content.


To run experiments, you must own a brand. That means you are internal to the brand and responsible for selling the brand on Amazon.

You must also have at least one eligible ASIN. An ASIN is eligible if it belongs to your brand, has published A+ content, and has received enough traffic in the past week to be eligible for experimentation.

We only let you experiment with high-traffic ASINs to increase the likelihood that you can confidently determine a winner at the end of the experiment. Depending on the category, high-traffic ASINs may get several dozen orders per week, or more. If an ASIN isn’t eligible because it isn’t high-traffic, consider driving more traffic to it using advertising or other means.

Experiments test two pieces of published A+ content against each other. Both pieces of A+ content must be applied to the exact same set of ASINs in order to set up an experiment. You can use the A+ Content Manager to apply the same ASINs to both pieces of content.

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