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Common reasons you cannot find your Handmade listings

There are several reasons why you could be having difficulties finding your products listed on Amazon. These can range from issues related to the listings themselves to issues with your account.

When searching for your listings on the website, make sure that you:

  • Check your title, description, and keywords, and ensure they are specific to your product.
  • Use specific search terms when searching for your items on the website.
Note: Using general search terms like “painting” or “wall hanging” may bring up too many results and your listing may get lost within a very large group of listings for similar items.

Listing-related reasons

  1. Items are out of stock: Verify the stock levels for your inventory are not displaying “0.” This can be validated and updated on your Manage Inventory page in the Available column. There can be a couple of different reasons why your stock levels displaying “0”:
    • You have sold out of stock.
    • Amazon has received orders equal to your last declared inventory amount.
    • You did not provide a quantity for your products when you created them.
  2. Adult listings: If your products are marked as “Private” or “Adult,” they will not be displayed in general search results.
    Note: Adult listings should only be used to specify whether your product is designed for use in sexual activities or that it contains explicit images, titles, or any other content intended to sexually arouse. Since these products are not suitable for children or sensitive audiences, the product listing will be restricted on Amazon. Go to Adult products policies & guidelines for more information.
  3. System has not synchronized: If you just added your listing, please allow some time for the system to synchronize. This can take 3–4 hours until your listing is completely synchronized and searchable on the website.
  4. Errors in inventory upload: If you recently uploaded an inventory file, there could have been errors that haven’t been addressed yet. Go to Review processing reports for instructions on reviewing any inventory file uploads for any errors.

Account-related reasons

  1. Vacation mode: Verify that your Vacation settings are set to Active.
  2. Your selling account was downgraded and you are no longer on a Professional Selling Plan. You can verify this by navigating to Account info > Sell on Amazon, under Your services. This should say “Professional.”
    • The Professional Selling Plan unlocks the features required for listing products in the Handmade category and we will waive the monthly fee after your first month, as long as you are approved to sell in Amazon Handmade.
    • If you do not have the Professional Selling Plan enabled, go to Switch to a Professional Selling Plan for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Account is under product quality or performance review: If you have any customer complaints, take a moment to review them by clicking View details on the Policy compliance section of the Account Health page. You should also have a corresponding notification in your Performance Notification . For more information related to product quality or performance reviews, go to Account Health FAQ.
  4. Account is awaiting account verification:
    • Existing selling account: If you have an existing Individual selling account but are new to Handmade, your listings will be suspended while your account is being reviewed. This can take up to three days after submitting documentation. If you have not submitted your documentation, follow the instructions that either came in your Performance Notifications or in the banner displayed on the main page of Seller Central.
    • New selling account: New selling accounts are subject to identity verification and you will not be able to list any products until you have passed verification.
  5. Tax information is missing: If your tax information is missing from your account, you should see a banner displayed on the main page of Seller Central when logging in. Follow the instructions in the banner to submit the requested information.
  6. Shipments have not been received: If your listings are Fulfilled by Amazon and your products were sent to Amazon, they may not arrive yet or the receiving process is not finished. You can verify the status of shipments in your Shipping queue .
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