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Understanding fee categories

Fee categories describe what type of product an item is. Examples of fee categories include Books, Apparel, Grocery and Toys.

Every ASIN in the Amazon catalogue, and all ASINs of a specific type, can belong to only one fee category. For example, all dollhouses, building blocks and play kitchens belong under the Toys fee category.

Fee types such as referral fees may use fee categories for product identification in their fee calculation.

Fee category guidelines

Our fee category guidelines, effective June 30, 2022, provide detailed, searchable lists of products that belong to each fee category. For example, you can search for the keyword “Jewellery” to view products mapped to that fee category, including items such as bangle bracelets, anklets, pendants and earrings. As our catalogue evolves, we’ll periodically update these guidelines and their effective date.

The fee categories are different from and independent of product listing requirements as well as browse tree guides. Their definitions are as follows:

  • Fee categories determine the rate that applies to each product for certain types of fees.
  • Product listing requirements describe the eligibility criteria that sellers or products must meet to list a particular item on Amazon.
  • Browse tree guides are lists of the browse locations in Amazon’s store. An item could belong to more than one browse location to help customers find it more easily. However, an item’s fee category may or may not correspond to its location or locations in the browse tree.

Referral fees

To find a referral fee associated with each fee category, go to the Selling on Amazon fee schedule, which lists the applicable fee categories along with their referral fee rates and minimum referral fee. There are three variations:

  • Fee categories with a flat rate. The referral fee rate is the same, regardless of the total sales price. For example, the referral fee for the fee category Mattresses is 15%, with a $0.30 minimum.
  • Fee categories with a tiered rate. The referral fee rate for these categories will differ based on the total sales price. For example, the referral fee for the category Electronics Accessories is 15% for the portion of the total sales price up to $100.00, and 8% for any portion of the total sales price greater than $100.00, with a $0.30 minimum.
  • Fee categories with a selective rate. The referral fee rates vary by the type of item sold within that fee category. For example, the referral fee for the category Tools & Home Improvement is 15%, except for base equipment power tools, which have a 12% referral fee. The minimum referral fee for all items in this category is $0.30.
Tip: To find the fee category for your ASINs, go to the Fee Preview report.

If you think that your item is in a fee category different than as described in the fee category guidelines, you can file a dispute with us. To learn more, go to Referral fees reimbursement policy.

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