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Radio Apparatus, Interference-Causing Equipment, and Terminal Equipment

Important: If you offer products for sale in stores, you must comply with all federal, provincial, and other laws and Amazon policies that apply to those products and product listings.

In Canada, the sale of radio apparatus, interference-causing equipment and terminal equipment is regulated by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ("ISED"). Under the Radiocommunication Act and Radiocommunication Regulations these products must meet applicable technical standards and, in some instances, be certified or registered. These regulatory requirements are intended to prevent interference with critical services (such as air traffic control, emergency services and communications with satellites) and protect the safety of Canadians. Amazon policy requires you to upload a photo of specific compliance information to the detail page for applicable products, listed in the “Requirements to list Category I equipment products in stores” section below.

The Radiocommunication Act prohibits a person from importing, offering for sale or selling jammers or radio transmitters designed to interfere with other communication systems.

Requirements to list Category I equipment products in stores

Category I equipment must be certified and listed on ISED’s Radio Equipment List (REL). Examples include smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, cellular boosters, cordless telephones, FM transmitters, laptops, land mobile radios, smart home products, smart wireless chargers, two-way radios, wearables (such as smartwatches), Wi-Fi boosters, Wi-Fi routers and other LAN (Local Area Network) devices, as well as wireless microphones.

To list Category I equipment products in stores, you must upload a legible image (or multiple legible images, if necessary) of the compliance information specified below as that information appears on the product, on the product’s physical or e-label, or in the product’s literature:

  • The ISED Certification Number, which must be preceded by “IC:” (for example, IC:XXXXXX-YYYYYYYYYYY);
  • The Hardware Version Identification Number (“HVIN”), which may be listed or placed with or without a prefix (HVIN:, Model#, M/N:, P/N:, etc.);
  • The Product Marketing Name (“PMN”), if available;
  • The Firmware Version Identification Number (“FVIN”), if available; and
  • The Host Marketing Name (“HMN”), if available.

Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the removal of your offers, and repeated violations of this requirement may result in the deactivation of your seller account.

An example of a legible image for Category I equipment is as follows:

ISED Compliance Requirements for All Equipment Categories

The ISED’s detailed requirements for each category is listed in the chart below:

Category type Example products Requirements for sale
Certified radio apparatus (Category I)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Cellular boosters
  • Cordless telephones
  • FM transmitters
  • Laptops
  • Land mobile radios
  • Smart home products
  • Smartphones
  • Smart wireless chargers
  • Tablets
  • Two-way radios
  • Wearables (such as smartwatches)
  • Wi-Fi boosters
  • Wi-Fi routers and other LAN (Local Area Network) devices
  • Wireless microphones
  • Wireless routers
Category I equipment can only be sold in Canada if it:
  • complies with applicable technical standards (including labelling and user manual standards);
  • has a technical acceptance certificate (TAC) issued by ISED’s Certification and Engineering Bureau or a certificate issued by an independent domestic or foreign organization that is authorized by the Government of Canada to certify radio equipment in accordance with Canadian regulatory requirements;
  • is listed on the Radio Equipment List; and
  • is advertised as allowed by its technical acceptance certificate (for example, the detail page for a cellular signal booster that is only certified to operate in Operating Band 5 cannot claim that the cellular signal booster is capable of operating in a different operating band).
Interference-causing equipment and radio receivers (Category II)
  • Computers
  • DVD players
  • Electronic transformers or ballasts
  • LED lighting devices
  • Any equipment that generates and uses timing signals or pulses having a rate of at least 9 kHz
Interference-causing equipment and radio receivers are classified as Category II equipment. Category II equipment can only be sold in Canada if it:
Terminal equipment
  • Automatic answering devices
  • Corded telephones
  • Modems (for example, DSL)
  • Recorders
Terminal equipment can only be sold in Canada if it:

For more information on ISED labelling requirements, refer to the following resources:

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Last updated 4/7/2022

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