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Amazon Outlet

Outlet gives invited sellers the opportunity to drive sales of overstocked inventory by offering eligible products on deals pages.

Outlet provides Amazon shoppers with discounts on overstocked inventory. These discounts will vary based on customer demand for the ASIN. You can only use Outlet for inventory currently available for sale in Amazon fulfillment centres.

Amazon identifies ASINs and the eligible Outlet price based on factors that include inventory level, recent sales, pricing, and customer rating. Selected offers appear on the Outlet page for up to three weeks.

You do not have to pay any additional fees for Outlet. Normal fulfillment fees and referral fees will be charged based on the purchase price.

Frequently asked questions

How do I submit ASINs to be considered for Outlet deals?

To submit your ASINs, follow these steps:

  1. Download and open the Amazon Outlet Deals template included in your invitation email. Review the eligible ASINs and our recommended deal price.
  2. Enter your proposed deal information into the template. The deal price that you submit must be lower than or equal to our recommended deal price.
  3. Email your completed template to by the deadline noted in the invitation

When will the deal on my ASIN begin?

If your submission is accepted, you will get a confirmation email notifying you to adjust the price of your ASIN within 24 hours to the required amount. Your deal run time will be confirmed in that email and will last up to three weeks.

Why do I not see my item featured on Outlet?

Amazon reviews ASIN submissions on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting a proposed deal does not guarantee that it will be accepted. If you did not get a confirmation email, either we did not approve your submission, or we have not yet processed it. Proposed deals may not be approved if:

  • Your submission did not include a deal price that was lower than or equal to the recommended deal price.
  • Due to other sellers’ pricing, the recommended deal price changed after you made your submission.
  • The ASIN is already scheduled for another deal, such as Lightning Deals or Prime Day, making it ineligible.

Other reasons that you might not see your item featured:

  • The ASIN was removed because of noncompliant images. See Product image requirements for more information.
  • The deal was removed because it does not meet minimum standards for customer review rating.
  • Your inventory is out of stock.

Why was my ASIN listing deactivated after I changed the sale price?

If your listing is deactivated after you update the price, you will get a notification email about a potential pricing error. Follow the instructions in that email to reactivate your listing, and then go into the listing and reset your maximum and minimum sale price for the item.

Once you have done that, you will be able to reduce the sale price for that item again, and your listing should be active.

Can I replenish inventory of approved deals or limit the quantity of an Outlet item?

No. Outlet deals are limited to the number of items available for sale in our fulfillment centres when the deal first appears on Sellers are not able to set a specific quantity for sale.

Can I end the deal early or raise the price?

To let us know that you want to end the deal early, reply to your invitation or the confirmation email. To avoid your deal being cancelled and to protect the customer experience, do not change your deal price before the deal ends.

Can I extend the deal?

You will not be able to extend the deal unless you are specifically invited to do so.

Can I suggest additional ASINs in my Outlet deal submission?

Only the ASINs that we included in your invitation email are eligible to be considered for Outlet deals.

My ASIN was accepted for Outlet and now it is no longer eligible for Lightning Deals or Prime Day. Why?

Running an outlet deal changes the price history of your ASIN, which can affect whether the ASIN would meet eligibility requirements for Lightning Deals or Prime Day deals.

Can I submit more ASINs for Outlet after my current deal ends?

Participation in Outlet is by invitation only. If any of your other ASINs become eligible, we will send you another invitation by email.

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