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Manage your Vine products

The Vine Dashboard will give you access to all the products you have enrolled in Vine. Your most recent enrolments are easily accessible on the first page of this dashboard, while older enrolments can be accessed by entering the ASIN or SKU in the search bar of the Vine Dashboard. The Vine Dashboard is also where you can see if your enrolments encounter any blockers. You can also see whether your Vine products have been ordered and reviewed, or cancel your enrolments.

Enrolments can be classified as concluded, reviews in progress, awaiting reviews, canceled by selling partner, or action required.

  • Concluded enrolments either received all the expected reviews or were enrolled over 90 days ago. After this time we do not expect additional reviews to be published.
  • Reviews in progress means some of the expected reviews have been posted.
  • Awaiting reviews is for enrolments that are yet to receive any review.
  • Cancelled by selling partner refers to enrolments you have cancelled for participation in Vine.
  • Action required is for blocked enrolments. You will either need to correct the offer/SKU you enrolled in Vine, update some of your product’s catalogue attributes, or send more inventory to resolve the block. For some listing errors, such as if the enrolled product’s set parent/child relationship does not exist anymore, you would need to cancel and re-enrol your product. For more information on the action required status, refer to the Vine errors page.

In the Vine Dashboard:

You will be able to see the date you enrolled the product in Vine, the number of units that are still available for Vine Voices to request, the number of units you enrolled, the number of units Vine Voices claimed, and the number of Vine reviews that were published.

After clicking Details:

You will be able to edit specific aspects of your enrolment (for example, cancel the enrolment). To access the Vine reviews, you can go to the product detail page on the Amazon website.

Timeline for enrolments:

  • Enrolling an item in Vine is immediate if your ASIN is eligible for the programme.
  • In most cases, Vine Voices can start ordering units within 24 hours of the enrolment being completed.
  • Vine Voices can start leaving reviews immediately after receiving units.
  • Approximately 25% of reviews received occur within five days of the order, while 99% of reviews received occur within 35 days of the order (based on Vine's worldwide reviewer population as of April 2018).
  • Vine Voices are not required to leave a review on the product, but we update our pool of reviewers often in order to ensure only the most active, helpful reviewers are part of Vine.
  • If an item arrives defective, damaged, or the reviewer receives the incorrect product due to labelling issues, we will cancel the Vine Voices order if they contact us, and they will not leave a review.

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