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This article applies to selling in: Canada

Exports from Canada

To ensure compliance with domestic export requirements and international import or trade requirements, effective September 27, 2022, sellers will not be able to ship products listed for sale in the store to countries other than Canada. If you wish to sell products to customers in a country other than Canada, you can choose one of the following three options:

  • Open a storefront in the local Amazon stores you want to export to, and upload your listings in this store - For example, to export products to the United States, you can create a storefront on, and submit your listing and ask for approval if necessary. If your listings are approved, you can sell to customers who shop in this store, and you can continue to ship from Canada.

    If you are interested in registering to sell in a different store, go to the section “How to register to sell in a new region and merge the account” on Merge accounts.

    If you decide to register in another store, your monthly fee will be whichever of the following is lower:

    • The sum of the subscription fees for each country in which you have active listings; or
    • The equivalent of $39.99 USD per month. For more information, go to Monthly subscription fee FAQ.

  • Set up an Amazon Global Selling Account - Global registration allows you to create Amazon selling accounts in multiple Amazon stores worldwide through one registration application. This unifies your selling experience across Amazon’s international stores and lets you manage and scale your business easily. By using Single-sign on, you can access a single view of sales, orders, and buyer messages of all the stores you sell in. For more information, go to Global registration.

    Once you have a Global Selling account you can utilize the Build International Listings tool to create and update offers from a single source store to one or more target stores. This will save your time and effort by managing offers in one store. The Build International Listings tool will update eligible offers and prices from the source store to the target stores based on the settings you specify and the currency exchange rates.

  • Set up a North America Unified Account to sell in the (Canada), (USA) and (Mexico) stores. This is similar to a global selling account but specific to the North American stores. For more information, go to Amazon North American stores.

Sellers must ensure each product listing complies with the applicable trade laws in both the “sell from” and “sell to” locations.

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