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Fine Jewellery Terms and Conditions

These Fine Jewellery Terms and Conditions supplement your seller agreement.

Applying to sell Fine Jewellery

You must apply to sell Fine Jewellery. To learn more about the requirements for selling in the Jewellery category and to request approval, click here. To learn more about the distinction between Fine and Fashion Jewellery, click here.

Application Fee

All sellers interested in selling Fine Jewellery must complete an application and pay a non-refundable application fee of $5,000.00 USD. We may collect this fee by charging your credit card on file with us or by any means permitted by your seller agreement. This fee covers the processing of your application to sell Fine Jewellery and is payable upon submission of your application, even if you choose not to submit Fine Jewellery items for quality assurance review.

Jewellery Quality Assurance

Sellers interested in selling Fine Jewellery products must participate in a jewellery quality assurance review. To participate in this review, you must follow the procedures we give you, including providing information about the Fine Jewellery items you wish to sell and, at our request, sending us up to 6 Fine Jewellery items for review. You are responsible for paying any shipping charges for sending your Fine Jewellery items to us and for providing a pre-paid return label. Items submitted to us may be evaluated in the manner we determine. If reasonably possible, we will return these items to you; however, items may be subjected to destructive testing and may be destroyed or unsaleable. We are not responsible for any lost, delayed, damaged, devalued or destroyed items. You are responsible for all customs clearances and fees.

Application Review

We may consider many factors in reviewing applications to sell in the Jewellery category. We usually take around 6 weeks, but may take up to 10 weeks, to complete our review of your application, subject to your prompt compliance with our requests. We reserve the right to reject applications at our discretion. If we approve your application to sell Fine Jewellery, we do not guarantee that your listings will receive placement on the site.

Ongoing Listing Quality Assurance

We may periodically review the quality of Jewellery listings with or without notice. We may revoke Jewellery selling privileges at any time and for any reason upon notice.


If we revoke your Jewellery selling privileges, you may reapply to sell Fine Jewellery, subject to these terms, including payment of another application fee. Additionally, as part of your reapplication, you must reimburse us for the total sales price (including the item price and any shipping charges) of any jewellery items we return to you. By submitting an application, you represent that you have reviewed and updated your Fine Jewellery listings as applicable and that your listings comply with our Program Policies. If we approve your application, we may, at our discretion, limit the placement of your Fine Jewellery listings in search results and on the site.

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