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Automotive & Powersports part finder and fitment data

Part Finder

The Amazon Automotive Part Finder is a website tool that allows customers to check if fitment-specific products (products that only fit certain vehicles) fit their vehicles. It also helps customers discover products that fit their vehicles. This tool primarily focuses on displaying fitment information via a 'check-fit' stripe that appears on the top of product (ASIN) detail pages. Once on a detail page, a customer can input the Year, Make, and Model of their vehicle into this Part Finder stripe in order to determine if the product fits. Additional vehicle attribute information such as Trim or Engine type may also be needed to determine the correct fit. The stripe will turn green if the part fits the entered vehicle and it will turn red if it does not. Part Finder helps customers buy parts for their vehicles with confidence, which reduces returned or cancelled orders.

These are the additional features of Part Finder:

  • The Shop Parts by Vehicle page allows customers to browse parts for a specific vehicle. This page can be accessed when you are on a detail page by clicking the 'See all products that fit this vehicle' link in the Part Finder stripe or it can be accessed from the main Automotive page by clicking 'Go' in the Part Finder stripe after you enter your vehicle. Click here for a demonstration.
  • The Part Finder Search Stripe allows customers to filter search results to only those that are compatible with their vehicle. Click here for a demonstration.
  • The Your Garage page displays a customer's saved vehicles.

Part Finder is compatible with cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. It is not compatible with medium/heavy duty vehicles. You can only include fitment-specific products in Part Finder. As a general rule, you cannot include universal products such as universal floor mats and seat covers, air compressors, and OBD2 scan tools.

Fitment data

The data that drives all of the aforementioned features and relates products to vehicles is called fitment or application/ACES data. Fitment data describes the brand/part number combinations that can be applied to certain vehicle configurations. For example, fitment data indicates that the ACDelco 41-993 spark plug fits a 2000 Cadillac Escalade (among other vehicles). The Aftermarket Catalogue Enhanced Standard, or ACES, is the industry standard used for describing and communicating fitment data.

  • If an ASIN does not have fitment data, the Part Finder stripe will not allow customers to check if the product fits their vehicle.
  • If a product does not have fitment data the Part Finder stripe at the top of an ASIN's detail page will either say 'Shop by vehicle' (if there is no vehicle entered) or 'Find parts for your:' (if there is a vehicle entered).
  • If a product does have fitment data the stripe will either display 'Select your vehicle' (if there is no vehicle entered) or 'This does fit your:/This does not fit your:' (if there is a vehicle entered).

Amazon receives fitment data from many sources, and therefore, based on your ASINs' brand names and part numbers, pre-existing data may match to some or all of your products. This will occur because Amazon matches fitment data to ASINs based on two attributes, brand name and normalized part number. Part number normalization converts all alphabetical characters to uppercase, removes leading zeroes, and removes punctuation (including spaces). There may already be fitment data in our database that exactly matches these two attributes on your products and therefore fitment data will be linked to your ASINs, which means, for these products, the Part Finder stripe will automatically be enabled and allow customers to check-fit.

You can find product templates and guides in Seller Central to help you upload your product data, including brand name and part number.

If Part Finder is not enabled on an ASIN, follow the two steps mentioned below in order to help it match to pre-existing fitment data. However, taking these actions will not guarantee that fitment data will surface on an ASIN.

  1. Ensure that you submitted the correct manufacturer part number. If you are not the manufacturer, you can verify the part number you provided using the manufacturer's website.
  2. Ensure that your product is listed in the Automotive category. If you are using the Add a Product tool in Seller Central, the product category must start with 'Found In: Automotive > ...'

If, after following these two steps, the Part Finder stripe is still not enabled, then it is likely that Amazon does not have fitment data for this part number.

If Amazon does not already have fitment data for your ASINs, or if you would like to submit your own fitment data, refer to the How to submit fitment data section on the Providing and adding fitment data page.

Note: Amazon cannot add fitment data on your behalf, so you must refer to these instructions if you want to add certain fitment records to your ASINs.

Fitment data policy

All products in Part Finder are subject to review for appropriateness and relevance. Amazon may, in its sole discretion, determine whether any fitment data is listed in Part Finder appropriately and may remove inappropriately listed fitment data without notice. Listing inappropriate fitment data in Part Finder may result in loss of your selling privileges.

Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data

Automotive & Powersports part finder and fitment data

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