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B2B Central

B2B Central provides a focal point for you to understand, manage, and grow your business-to-business (B2B) channel on Amazon. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of any of the widgets to Minimize, Rate, or Refresh the widget.

Access B2B Central through the B2B tab in your Seller Central account.

There are several widgets on B2B Central. This Help page focuses on the Sales Snapshot and Business Action Center.

Sales Snapshot

The Sales Snapshot allows you to view the growth of your B2B sales from registered Amazon Business Customers (B2B) in contrast to those of non-registered Business Customers (non-B2B).


  • Select the B2B, Non-B2B, and Total boxes below the graph to view the different segments of your business.
  • Select the Compare to last year box to view your sales from the selected time period last year for each segment
  • Use the Sales, Units, and time range buttons to customize your sales data on the graph and the underlying table.
  • Click View in Business Reports, to dive deeper into your sales history.

Note: Registered business customers have registered as businesses with Amazon Business. They have exclusive access to your Business Prices and Quantity Discounts and Business Profile. You can have purchases from businesses that have not yet registered on Amazon Business. These sales will be included in the Non-B2B segment.

Business Action Center

The Business Action Center displays tasks that are relevant to your B2B business. Each task in the list includes both a link to the page on Seller Central and a Dismiss button. Click the link to complete that task.

Tasks can take up to 48 hours to disappear from the Business Action Center if you complete them in their native location on Seller Central, without clicking the button in the Business Action Center.

Note: Clicking Dismiss removes the task from your Business Action Center. However, you will still be able to complete the task on its primary page on Seller Central.

Tasks appear in order. Some tasks have expiration times, while others do not.

Note: If you leave a task in the Business Action Center without taking action, it will automatically disappear after 2 weeks.
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