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Create A+ Content

To create A+ Content for your product, follow the steps below:

Note: You must be a Professional seller and meet the eligibility requirements, including being a brand owner. Learn more about becoming a brand owner.

  1. Select A+ Content from the Advertising menu on the Seller Central homepage.
  2. To add content, click Start creating A+ Content and choose the content type you want to create. You can include the following types of content through A+:
    • Enhanced product description: More details on product features and uses to augment the bullet points and images in the main product detail page. These help customers make purchase decisions by proactively answering their questions.
    • Brand Content: Educate customers about the history of the brand, as well as its values and product line(s).
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to name your content and then select modules to create the style that you desire.
  4. Populate the text and image slots. When adding an image to your content, you can either upload a new image by dragging and dropping into the Add image uploader or choose an image in your Creative Assets library. The Creative Assets library includes images you previously uploaded in A+ Content or other programs, such as Sponsored Brands, and allows you to categorize your images with tags and search, sort, and filter the images based on size, last modified date, and other criteria. While you are adding content, you can click Preview at any time to see what your content will look like in both desktop and mobile versions.
    Note: You are required to submit alt-text keywords, previously known as image keywords, while uploading images. If you choose a previously uploaded image from the Creative Assets library, you can use the existing alt-text on the image or customize the alt-text for that content. Alt-text should consist of a simple sentence describing the image (for example, "Blender on kitchen counter next to fruit, yogourt, orange juice, and a smoothie glass."). Alt-text does not appear on the product detail page but is available on screen reader applications used by customers with visual impairments to learn more about your products. Alt-text also helps your product appear in search.
  5. Apply ASINs to the content in the ASIN management section. Add any ASIN from an ASIN family to the search box to find all the ASINs in the family. Select the ASINs that you want to apply to the content and click Apply. You can also use our Bulk upload feature to upload a spreadsheet with the ASINs that you want to apply. You will be required to use Bulk upload if you want to add more than 1,000 ASINs to the content.
  6. Create language variation drafts for other languages that customers use in the country. For instance, since many customers in US choose to shop in Spanish, rather than English, create a language variation for Spanish in US. This step copies your content and applied ASINs as drafts that you can use to add translated content. You will be able to review and submit these drafts individually later.
    Note: This step creates language variations of content within a marketplace. To copy content across countries, see Cross-country copying below.
  7. Click Review & submit to review the final draft of your content, including the applied ASINs, and click Submit for approval to send the content for validation and approval.
Note: Review can take up to seven business days (longer during periods of high volume). You can review the status - in the A+ Content home page. If the A+ status is Not Approved, view the rejection reasons by clicking Edit for a specific piece of A+ Content and make any needed changes. After the A+ Content is Approved, it can take up to 24 hours to publish on the detail pages of the applied ASINs.

Configure your content with available modules

Module Image guidelines Text placements
Brand logo 1 image – 600 x 180 pixels -
Product description - 1
Feature 1 4 images (line) – 220 x 220 pixels each 4
Feature 2 3 images (line) – 300 x 300 pixels each 3
Feature 3 4 images (grid) – 135 x 135 pixels each 4
Header 4 1 image (left) – 300 x 300 pixels 1 (right)
Header 5 1 image (right) – 300 x 300 pixels 1 (left)
Header 6 1 image – 970 x 300 pixels 1
Header image 1 image – 970 x 600 pixels -
Comparison chart 5 images – 150 x 300 pixels 2
Single image and sidebar 2 images – Main (300 x 400 pixels); Sidebar (350 x 175 pixels) 6
Four image highlights 4 images – 300 x 300 pixels 4
Single image and specs detail 1 image – 300 x 300 pixels 2
Single image and highlights 1 image – 300 x 300 pixels 2
Image and light text overlay 1 image – 970 x 300 pixels 1


Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of content that may not be allowed, so review the A+ Content guidelines carefully. Not following these guidelines could result in violations and may lead to a rejection by our system or potential removal of your ASIN as a restricted product or both.

Cross-country copying

When content is approved, A+ Content identifies other countries where you are doing business and copies drafts of the content into your account in those countries so that you don’t need to recreate an A+ template in each country. Currently, drafts are copied as shown in the table below:

Source country and language Copy as draft to
US English CA English, UK English, DE English, IN English, AU English, SG English, BR Portuguese
US Spanish MX Spanish, ES Spanish
CA French FR French
MX Spanish US Spanish, ES Spanish
UK English DE English, FR French, IT Italian, ES Spanish, IN English, AU English, SG English
DE German FR French, IT Italian, ES Spanish
DE English UK English
DE Turkish TR Turkish
DE Dutch NL Dutch
NL Dutch DE Dutch
FR French UK English, DE German, IT Italian, ES Spanish
IT Italian UK English, DE German, FR French, ES Spanish
ES Spanish UK English, DE German, FR French, IT Italian
TR Turkish DE Turkish
AE English SA English, EG English
AE Arabic SA Arabic, EG Arabic
SA English AE English, EG English
SA Arabic AE Arabic, EG Arabic
EG English AE English, SA English
EG Arabic AE Arabic, SA Arabic
AU English SG English
SG English AU English

Cross-country copying will automatically apply to content submitted for approval. If you want to cross-country copy any existing content, re-submit it for approval to automatically trigger cross-country copying.

To help customers who shop from our stores in different countries, Amazon may also translate and publish A+ Content automatically to different countries for ASINs that have previously been localized to those countries.

You can edit or delete a draft or a published, localized version of A+ content in any of your country accounts by following these steps:

  1. Click the draft content in the A+ Content Manager.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Delete.
This will permanently remove it from your dashboard.

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