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Pesticides and Pesticide Devices


If you supply products for sale in Amazon stores, you must comply with all federal, provincial, territorial and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

In Canada, a broad range of products are subject to regulation as pest control products (also referred to as “pesticides”), including products that you might not immediately think of as pest control products. Any product, device, organism, substance, or thing that is manufactured, represented, sold, or used as a means for directly or indirectly controlling, preventing, destroying, mitigating, attracting, or repelling any pest must comply with Canada's Pest Control Products Act(PCPA) and regulations, as well as applicable laws in the provinces or territories in which the products are distributed.

Amazon only allows the listing and sale of domestic pesticides in our Canadian stores. We do not allow the listing or sale of commercial, restricted and manufacturing pesticides.


All pest control products advertised and/or sold in Canada must be registered with Health Canada except for Schedule 2 of the Pest Control Products Regulations (such as some feed for animals, fertilizers, seeds with pesticides, water conditioners and spa products, non-chemical flying insect controls – see full list of details).

If, after reviewing a registration application for a pest control product, Health Canada determines that the product is safe, effective and of high quality, Health Canada will issue a five-digit registration number (PCP ACT) and will enter the product into its Pesticide Product Information Database. More information on Health Canada registration can be found here.


Pest control products must be labelled in accordance withthePest Control Products Regulations. You should review the regulations to understand what specific information must be included on your product’s label. However, generally, the following information must be shown in English and French on the label of a pest control product:

  • The five-digit Registration Number (PCP) issued by Health Canada
  • The product name
  • The product type
  • The physical form of the pest control product
  • The product class designation (e.g. DOMESTIC class pesticides)
  • Information concerning the nature and degree of the hazard inherent in the pest control product
  • Specific information regarding the active ingredient(s) in the pest control product
  • A declaration of net quantity of the product in the package
  • The registrant’s name
  • The name, postal address and telephone number of a contact person in Canada to which public inquiries may be directed.


The label on a pest control product, and the detail page for a pest control product, should not:

  • represent the product as a treatment, preventive or cure for any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state; or
  • state or imply that the Government of Canada or any of its departments or agencies promotes, endorses or recommends the use of the product.

Examples of permitted listings

Domestic class pest control products that:

  • are registered with Health Canada (registration with another country's regulatory body, such as the EPA in the U.S., does not satisfy this requirement), comply with the laws of the province or territories in which they are distributed, and are not otherwise restricted.;
  • are labelled in accordance with Pest Control Products Regulations;
  • are sold in the original container; and
  • are stored and shipped in compliance with all applicable laws.

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Illegal or unregistered pest control products.
  • Non-Canadian versions of pest control products that are not intended for sale in Canada (these may look like recognized brands, but are not labeled with a Pest Control Product Number).
  • Products that make pest control claims (e.g., antifungal, antimicrobial) but have not been registered with Health Canada.
  • Commercial, Restricted and Manufacturing class pesticides.
  • Bear spray products that require a Notice to Purchaser agreement.

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Last updated 05/25/2021

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