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This article applies to selling in: Canada

Downgrade / Upgrade and Tax Calculation Service

Enrolling in the tax calculation service is optional and requires a Professional selling plan. Changes to your participation in a Professional selling plan can affect tax calculation service enrollment, settings and reporting availability.

Review the following situations.

Downgrading from Professional

If you are enrolled in the tax calculation service and downgrade to an Individual account status, this action will cancel your enrolment. Please consider the following:

  • Tax reports in theTax Document Library will no longer be available. Generate and download all tax reports prior to downgrading.
  • All tax calculation settings and functionality will be removed immediately.
  • To re-enrol in Tax Calculation Service after downgrading, you must upgrade your account status to Professional. See information about re-upgrade below.

Close/Terminate a Seller account

Closure of your seller account is a permanent action and you will no longer have access to tax calculations and reporting. Prior to closing your account, we suggest you generate and save any tax reports that may be needed from theTax Document Library.

Upgrading to Professional (first time)

When upgrading to a Professional selling account, you have the option to enrol in the Tax Calculation Service. For information seeTax Calculation Service Terms and Set up Tax Calculation Services.

Re-Upgrading to Professional

If you were enrolled in a Professional selling account that had used Tax Calculation Service, downgrading to an Individual selling account will remove all tax configurations. If you then upgrade to a Professional selling account, all tax configurations must be reconfigured. For instructions about configuring tax settings, see Set up Tax Calculation Services.

Important: Any previous item level product tax code assignment(s), default level product tax code assignment and jurisdiction settings will require setup to ensure accurate calculations.

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