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This article applies to selling in: Canada


Unable to process an order report due to business-specific fields

If you are unable to process an order report due to the presence of business-specific fields, such as is-business-order, price-designation, purchase-order-number, etc., contact Seller Support.

Error 90009 – header row is missing or invalid

The wrong file type was selected. Please select the file type Price & Quantity. Price & Quantity is available in Upload file, but not in Check your file.

Warning 95030

If you set a Quantity Discount greater than 50% off the business price, you will see this warning, but your discount will still be accepted. High discounts are not against policy. The warning exists simply to alert sellers who may have set the high discount by mistake.

Additional errors

You will receive additional errors if any of the following are true:

  • You enter a Business Price that is higher than your regular price.
  • Your quantity prices increase with larger orders instead of decrease.
  • You provide a minimum-seller-allowed-price, but then set a business-price or quantity-price lower than that minimum-seller-allowed-price.
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