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Process gift returns

A gift recipient can return an item given to them by another customer even if the order wasn't marked as a gift when purchased. The gift recipient submits the return through the Return a Gift workflow in the Returns Center for the gift recipient's account. Gift returns will appear on the Manage Returns page so that you will be able to process them along with all other returns.

Communicate with the gift recipient

In order to respect the privacy of the customer who bought the gift, we recommend only communicating with the gift recipient. To communicate with the gift recipient, click the Contact Gift Recipient button on the Manage Returns page.

You can identify Gift Returns by the Gift Return badge next to the return details on Manage Returns.

Go to Manage Returns.

Communicate with the customer who purchased the gift

If you need to contact the customer who bought the item, go to the Manage Orders page and click the buyer's name next to Contact Buyer. The Customer E-mail History will show all correspondence for the order from both the gift recipient and the buyer.

Go to Manage Orders.

Refund a gift return

To refund a gift recipient, go to Manage Returns and click the Issue Refund button. The refund will be emailed to the gift recipient as an electronic gift card.

If you need to refund the person who bought the item, go to the Manage Orders page and click the Refund Order link.

To ensure you're refunding the correct person, we provide the name of the customer that will receive the refund in the order details section at the top of the Refund Order page.

Refund an item with multiple return requests

If you receive two return requests for the same item, approve both return requests. Ask both customers to provide the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) for the item in their return shipment. Once you've received the return, you can then refund the person who provided the RMA.

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