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This article applies to selling in: Canada

Sales tax information in seller reports

When sales tax is calculated on an order, the sales tax amount will be provided on multiple order reports with order details at a summary level. Sales tax calculation details, such as the tax rate and taxing jurisdiction are only available in the sales tax report.

Tax document library: Sales tax report options

  • Sales tax calculation report: This report reflects the tax jurisdiction information for tax calculated on your orders, based on your tax calculation settings. This report is useful when you are remitting sales tax.
  • Sales tax report + Tax invoicing & credit notes: When you select "I want to download tax invoices with this report", applicable tax invoices and credit notes that applied to the transaction in your sales tax report will also be generated and available to download in bulk.
    Note: When selected, your report generation will be restricted to a seven (7) day range.
  • Marketplace Tax Collection report: This report is for information only, reflecting taxes calculated, collected, and remitted by Amazon for orders destined for a Marketplace Tax Collection jurisdiction. Do not use this report to remit sales tax.
  • Combined Sales tax report: This report is for information only and reflects both tax calculated based on your tax settings and sales tax that Amazon collected and remitted for orders destined to a Marketplace Tax Collection state. Do not use this report to remit sales tax.

Professional sellers have access to the sales tax report following these instructions:

  1. Select Reports and click Tax Document Library.
  2. Under Sales Tax Reports, click Generate a tax report.
  3. In the Generate sales tax report pop-up window, select:
    • If you want to include invoicing
    • the reporting range, either by Month or Custom dates
      Note: for invoicing, only seven (7) day ranges at a time will be available
  4. Click Generate. Your report will be available under Sales Tax Reports.

Note: If your Sales Tax Calculation Report is blank, it is typically because no tax calculations exists for the report type and date range that you have selected. Confirm that you have selected the appropriate report type and/or configured your tax settings.

Individual sellers do not have access to the sales tax report

Individual sellers are not eligible for tax calculation service or sales tax reporting. To begin using Tax Calculation Service, switch to a Professional Selling Plan.

Tax document library: Exemption certificates

Exemption certificates will be available to download for orders where you are responsible for the taxes (tax was calculated using your tax settings) and an ATEP customer applied their exemption, or when taxes were refunded on an FBA order by Amazon Customer Service.

To download tax exemption documents, go to the exemption certificates tab and search by order ID or date range for exemption documents. For additional information, visit Get tax-exemption certificates.

Tax document library: Seller fee invoices

To download your seller fee tax invoice (tax you pay on your FBA fees), go to the Seller fee invoice tab. Select View next to any available seller fee tax invoice. For additional information, visit Tax on Canadian Selling Fees.

Other reports with sales tax reflected:

The total amount of sales tax calculated on an order is included with seller reports containing order details. Tax calculation details, such as the tax rate and taxing jurisdiction are only available in the sales tax report.

For individual order details, use the Order Details or Transaction View page.

For a summary of multiple order details, use the Date Range Report, Order Report (orders you fulfil), or Fulfilment Report (orders fulfilled by Amazon).

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