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Amazon Renewed

What is Amazon Renewed?

On Amazon Renewed, you can sell high-quality refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products to millions of Amazon customers worldwide. All products on Amazon Renewed must be tested and certified to work and look like new. Only sellers that maintain a high quality and performance bar can offer refurbished, pre-owned and open-box products on Amazon Renewed.

How to apply for Amazon Renewed?

To be considered to sell Renewed items, review the category requirements below. If you meet the requirements, click here to apply. We will review your request and if you meet the requirements, we will reach out with an onboarding email, usually within 10 business days.

To apply for Amazon Renewed, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Products must be inspected, cleaned, repaired (if applicable) and tested by a manufacturer or a specialized third-party refurbisher to function and look like-new.
  2. You can supply invoices showing a minimum total value of $50,000 USD (or CAD equivalent) in qualifying refurbished purchases in the previous 90 days from the date of the application .

      1. Items with a selling price of $15.00 USD (or CAD equivalent) or less do not count towards refurbished units. You may hide either the unit or dollar amount on the invoices, but not both.
      2. For approval to list on Apple branded items, we require invoices dating from the previous 90 days that total $75,000 USD (or CAD equivalent) in Apple refurbished products.
  3. You need to submit a minimum of 8 images of a sample unit for product and packaging review (box in which the product will ship, inside packaging and padding, product from all sides including top and bottom).

      1. If you have an item with a screen, we request images of the screen turned on.
  4. You provide a minimum 90-day warranty, from the date of purchase on all of your certified refurbished products.
  5. If you are an existing seller on Amazon, or once you start selling on Amazon, you have an Order Defect Rate (ODR) of 0.8% or less in the trailing 90 days.
  6. You can meet and adhere to our Amazon Renewed Quality Policies

Amazon Renewed FAQ

Do I need to get separate approvals to sell on Amazon's NA Marketplaces?

When you are approved to sell Renewed in US you are automatically approved to sell Renewed product in Canada. If you would like to sell Renewed product in Mexico, you will need to re-apply through the Renewed application page for Mexico.

If you are approved for Renewed in either Canada or Mexico and would like to sell Renewed product in the US, you will need to apply through the Renewed application page for US.

Why am I not able to list my products on Amazon Renewed?

You must be approved to sell certified refurbished products. If you are approved, and still unable to sell, you can contact Amazon Renewed Selling Parnter Support.

I am a Renewed Seller how do I ensure I stay in the program?

You must continue to meet the following metrics.

  1. Order Defect Rate (ODR) score of 0.8% or less, in the trailing 90 days.
  2. You must maintain an Offer Offer Renewed Quality Score (RQS) of 95% and a Seller RQS of 98% to continue selling on Amazon Renewed.
  3. Average product rating of 3.70.

What is the Renewed Quality Score (RQS)?

Renewed Quality Score or RQS is the metric Amazon Renewed uses to assess product quality for each Seller. RQS is the percentage of orders without any reported defects. It is calculated by reviewing complaints from customers to Amazon through e-mails, product reviews, Seller feedback, and Customer Service calls.

Offer RQS is the quality score of the product you are listing, and Seller RQS is the overall quality score of your Amazon Renewed account.

How can I check my Renewed Quality Score (RQS)?

Only accounts that are approved for the Renewed program will have access to the RQS Dashboard. You can access your RQS Dashboard here

Where can I find more information about listing on Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed Listing Guide

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