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Review File Status and History

After you upload a SKU Override file, Amazon will generate a processing report that will indicate the status of each SKU override.

The processing report is a tab-delimited text file you can open and read in a program such as Microsoft Excel or Notepad. Each line in the spreadsheet containing data is referred to as a record. At the top of the processing report you see a summary of records that were or were not successfully processed.

For example:

Feed Processing Summary: Number of records processed: 1045 Number of records successful: 1030 

If there are errors with individual records, you see the following information for each error:

Element Description
original-record-number The row number in the original file you uploaded where the error occurred. Row 0 refers to any general file errors or errors with the header, therefore Row 1 is actually the 3rd row in the file, and the 1st row with actual data.
error-code A number used by Amazon to identify the error message. This is the number to use when reviewing Error code explanations.
error-type One of two values: error or fatal. Errors refer to invalid data that affects only the specified record. Fatals refer to invalid data that affects the entire file. Fatals cause the entire file to not be processed.
error-message A brief explanation of the error. The error message might suggest corrective measures.

After reviewing the error messages in the processing report, you can modify your SKU files with any corrections. For more help in correcting the errors you receive, please refer to the Error code explanations and Sample SKU input file sections below.

Error code explanations

Code Severity Description
41001 Fatal The file is too big. The maximum allowable file size is 60 MB.
41002 Fatal The file has too many records. The maximum allowable number of records is 50,000.
41003 Fatal The file is empty or all records in the file are invalid.
41004 Error There is no SKU in this row.
41006 Error The SKU in this row is too long. The maximum length is 40 characters.
41007 Fatal You have exceeded the upload quota and therefore the file will not be processed. You may upload 20 files in a 24 hour period.
41008 Fatal The header for this file is invalid. This could be due to a missing header, or the wrong columns defined in the header.
41009 Error This row contains the wrong number of fields. All rows must contain 2 fields.
41010 Error The action in this row is invalid. It must be AUTOMATIC, MANUAL, or DELETE.

Sample SKU input file

The input file consists of a list of SKUs and their associated actions. This file has two rows that define the header, as well as multiple rows that contain the actual records. Each record should contain a SKU, and an action to be taken for that SKU, with a tab separating the two fields. The SKUs should not contain any special control characters, such as newline characters. SKUs can be at most 40 characters long. An input file can have a maximum of 50,000 SKUs. 

Download the SKU Override Template and use it to build your SKU Input File.

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