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Set Your Return Preferences

Professional sellers can customize return options using the Return Settings page.

Return email setting

We send an email notification to you when new return requests are submitted. You have the option of including links to Authorize, Close, or Reply to a return request in this email.

Automate the authorization of return requests

You have the option to automatically authorize return requests. If you enable this feature, return requests will be authorized automatically and an email will be sent to the buyer containing a link to the Return Request Authorization (RMA). You will still be required to issue refunds as appropriate once you receive the return.

Set your default return request authorization rules using one of the following options:

I want to authorize each request

All return requests must be manually authorized or closed through the Manage Returns section of your seller account. This is the default setting.

I want Amazon to automatically authorize all requests

Each return request will be automatically authorized.

  • You will be offered a choice of the length of time from the order date (maximum 30 days) for automatic authorizations

I want Amazon to automatically authorize all requests that meet Amazon Policy

All return requests that fall within the scope of the Amazon Return Policy will be authorized.

  • You will be offered a choice of the length of time from the order date (maximum 30 days) for automatic authorizations

You also have the choice of setting up overrides for the above defaults. You can do this by checking the Optional override checkbox, and then uploading an override file. Please see the SKU input file section below for more details on how to build this file. If you set up overrides, you can also take the following actions:

  • Use the Download List option to download your current list of SKU. You can add more SKUs or update existing SKUs by uploading another file with the affected SKUs.
  • Use the View History link to see the history of your uploads and view a processing report for the SKU files you have uploaded. Access the View History section to see the status of each file upload. If you see processing errors on the View History page, see our History Help page.

Return policies

Amazon sellers subject to the Business Solutions Agreement for the Selling on Amazon Service are required to have return policies that are at least as favourable as the Amazon return policies. Your applicable returns policies are displayed on your Returns tab.

SKU input file

Download the SKU Override Template and use it to build your SKU Input File.

The input file consists of a list of SKUs, and their associated actions. This file has two rows that define the header, as well as multiple rows that contain the actual records. Each record should contain a SKU, and an action to be taken for that SKU, with a tab separating the two fields. The SKUs should not contain any special control characters, such as newline characters. SKUs can be at most 40 characters long. An input file can have a maximum of 50,000 SKUs. For more details on how to create an input file, please see the instructions and sample data in the template file above.

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