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Error 8541

SKU [SKU], ASIN [ASIN], ([ATTRIBUTE1] Merchant: [MERCHANT_VALUE] / Amazon: [AMAZON_VALUE], [ATTRIBUTE2] Merchant: [MERCHANT_VALUE] / Amazon: [AMAZON_VALUE], ...). The product_id provided with [SKU] corresponds to ASIN [ASIN], but some of the information submitted contradicts information in the Amazon catalogue. If your product is the same as this ASIN, please modify your product data to reflect the following Amazon catalogue values and resubmit. If your product is different than the ASIN, please check that the product_id is correct. If it is correct, please contact Seller Support for proper resolution. Feed ID: [FEEDID]. For details, see

The submission includes a product_id (UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, etc.) that is currently associated with an ASIN in the Amazon catalogue, but other attributes you have provided do not match those on the ASIN. For example, if you try to list a book using "hardcover" as the binding but in the Amazon catalogue, the ISBN for that book has a "paperback" binding, you will receive this error.

To resolve this error, check to make sure the product_id you have provided is correct; if not, correct the product_ID in your file and resubmit.

If the product_ID is correct, update the attributes in your file to match those in the catalogue for that item and resubmit. If the information in the Amazon catalogue for this product appears to be incorrect, contact Seller Support for further investigation.

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