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Remove inventory automatically

You can set up automatic removals for your inventory at Amazon fulfilment centres. For more information about the removal orders process, see Remove inventory (overview).

You can enable removals for unsellable inventory only, for inventory subject to long-term storage fees only, or for both types of inventory.

For more information about inventory clean-up dates and long-term storage fees, see FBA long-term storage fees.

Per-item removal fees apply. For more information, see FBA removal order fees.

Remove unsellable inventory automatically

When inventory in an Amazon fulfilment centre is not in a sellable condition, its status changes to Unfulfillable and it is set aside. If you do not create a removal order for your unsellable inventory within 30 days after Amazon notifies you of its required removal, it is likely to be automatically disposed of. For more information, go to Required removals.

You can remove unsellable inventory at any time by submitting a removal order. For more information, go to Remove inventory from a fulfilment centre.

You can also choose to have unsellable inventory returned to you automatically by enabling the service in your seller account.

  1. On the Settings menu, click Fulfilment by Amazon.
  2. On the Fulfilment by Amazon Settings page, locate Automated unfulfillable settings.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. On the Automated unfulfillable removal settings page, click Enable and select one of the following:
    • Return to have unsellable inventory returned to you.
    • Dispose to have unsellable inventory disposed of.
  5. In the Email address text box, enter your preferred email address.
  6. If you selected Return, provide the address and phone number for the delivery destination.
  7. Click Update.
  • Immediate removal is available only if you choose Dispose in the Automated unfulfillable settings.
  • Immediate removal is only available for customer returns.
  • Items that are immediately disposed of will be reported in the FBA customer returns report.

Remove aged inventory automatically

You can choose to have aging inventory removed through automated fulfillable inventory settings. Once enabled, we’ll return or dispose of fulfillable inventory that’s been in a fulfilment centre for more than 365 days, as well as units of ASINs that have not sold for six or more consecutive months and that have been in fulfilment centres for more than 180 days.

Important: Removal orders will be created one to two weeks after the inventory clean-up date. For more information about clean-up dates and fees, go to FBA long-term storage fees.
  1. On the Settings menu, select Fulfilment by Amazon.
  2. Locate Automated fulfillable inventory settings, and then click Edit.
  3. Enable Automated long-term storage removals settings, Automated removal of ASINs with no sale, or both.
  4. Select either Return or Dispose as your removal preference.
  5. In the Email address text box, enter your preferred email address.
  6. If you selected Return, provide the address and phone number for the delivery destination.
    Note: To avoid errors when saving information in your seller account, the full name and address fields cannot be longer than 50 characters, and the return address must be a physical street address.
  7. Click Update.
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