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This article applies to selling in: Canada

Jewellery & Precious Gems

Important: If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, provincial, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Precious metal articles that bear a quality mark, but do not comply with the Precious Metals Marking Act and Regulations, and do not meet minimum quality requirements. For example:
    • Gold articles that bear a gold quality mark (eg. "k" or "karat") but do not have a minimum quality of 9K or higher
    • Silver articles that bear a silver quality mark (e.g. "silver" or "sterling silver") but do not contain at least 925 parts of pure silver in 1000 parts by weight
    • Platinum articles that bear a platinum quality mark (eg. "plat." or "platinum") but do not contain at least 95 percent platinum or at least 95 percent alloy of platinum and iridium, or of platinum and ruthenium
    • Palladium articles that bear a palladium quality mark (eg. "palladium" or "pall.") but do not contain at least 95 percent palladium or an alloy composed of at least 90 percent palladium when accompanied with an additional 5 percent of any combination of the following prescribed metals: platinum, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, or gold
  • Precious metal articles that bear a quality mark but do not bear a registered trademark (either one that has been registered or applied for) under the Canada Trademarks Act, or a recognized U.K. hallmark or foreign government mark
  • Precious metal articles that bear false or misleading information as to the precious metal content
  • Plated articles that bear a mark guaranteeing the durability or wear of the precious metal plating for a period of time
  • Diamonds that do not comply with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme
  • Clarity enhanced white diamonds
  • Glass-filled rubies
  • Children's jewellery items that contain accessible components with lead in excess of legal limits

Marking requirements

Precious metals sold in the stores must comply with Canadian marking requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in your product being de-listed and/or deactivation of your selling account.

Use the checklist to assist you in following these requirements. This checklist is a guide only. Please review the resources referred to below this checklist for further information, if needed.

Canadian Law Applies to Requirements
Precious Metals Marking Act and Regulations Precious metals - gold, palladium, platinum, and silver, and any alloy of any of those metals The Precious Metals Marking Act requires sellers to ensure that:
  1. any representation as to the quality of the article is factual;
  2. when an article is quality marked, a registered Canadian trademark must also be applied;
  3. any quality mark applied to an article is as prescribed by the Regulations; and,
  4. where applicable, all mandatory marks are applied.

Additionally, the Competition Bureau of Canada enforces the Precious Metals Marking Act (see link for potential consequences).

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