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Manage your delivery time

Amazon provides the estimated delivery time to buyers on the offer listing and checkout pages. This estimate is based on the time between when the buyer places the order until the date the order is delivered.

Enable the following configuration using your shipping settings:

Total Delivery Time = Handling Time + Transit Time (+ any holidays)

Note: Handling time and transit time are calculated in business days.
  • Handling Time: The estimated time between when the buyer places the order until you hand over the order to a delivery service.
  • Transit Time (also known as Shipping Time): The elapsed time between when you hand over the order to the carrier until the order is delivered.

Configuring an accurate delivery time for your products helps ensure a good customer experience and may improve sales.

  • Customers are more likely to buy items that are delivered faster.
  • Items with a faster delivery date are more likely to win the Buy Box on Amazon.

Modify your delivery time

  1. Modify Handling Time: The default handling time is set to one (1) business day for all products. If you are not able to meet this requirement, you can modify your handling time to reflect the amount of time you need to prepare the order for shipment.
  2. Modify Transit Time: Edit your shipping templates within Shipping Settings to customize your transit times.

Transit Time Requirements

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