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About Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee Claims (Referred to as “Claim(s)” in this help page)

What is A-to-z Guarantee?

The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee ensures that buyers have a consistent experience across Amazon, regardless of whether their order is fulfilled by Amazon or by our sellers directly. If a buyer is not fully satisfied with their order, it is in everyone’s interest if you are able to resolve the issue directly with the buyer. They end up happier and your seller account remains healthy and in good standing.

For A-to-z Guarantee claims covering timely delivery and condition of your items, buyers must first contact you and give you an opportunity to resolve their issue. Amazon directs buyers to use Buyer-Seller Messages or return request to alert you to a buyer issue (buyers are directed to use Buyer-Seller Messages or return request depending on buyer issue type). You then have 48 hours to respond to any issues raised by the buyer. Resolving issues directly with the buyer protects your account health or Order Defect Rate (ODR). If you are unable to agree on a resolution, buyers are then allowed to file a Claim under the A-to-z Guarantee. If the Claim is granted in favour of the buyer after Amazon investigates the Claim, then Claim amount will be debited from your account and reflected in your account health or Order Defect Rate. For more information on return and Claim eligibility policies, visit Amazon’s return policies and A-to-z Guarantee Buyer help page.

When can a buyer file an A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

Buyers can file a Claim under our A-to-z Guarantee for two basic buyer issues:

  1. Item has not been received by buyer

    Example: You fail to deliver an item within three calendar days of either the maximum estimated delivery date ( EDD ), or the date of delivery confirmed by a valid tracking link, whichever is sooner.

    Buyer eligibility criteria for filing a Claim:

    • Buyer has waited until EDD +3 days and first contacted you through Buyer-Seller Messages; and
    • You and the buyer do not resolve the issue within 48 hours of the buyer’s first message.

  2. Item did not meet buyer expectation


    (i) The item received by the buyer was damaged, defective, materially different from what was ordered or the buyer changed their mind and returned the item consistent with Amazon’s return policy, but was not refunded or was refunded in the wrong amount.

    (ii) The buyer wants to return an item internationally, but you did not (1) provide a domestic return address, (2) provide a prepaid return label or (3) offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned.

    (iii) The buyer has been charged more than the purchase price due to extra charges (for example, customs charges) not covered by you as the seller.

    Buyer eligibility criteria for filing a Claim:

    • Buyer has contacted you through return request; and
    • You and the buyer do not resolve the issue within 48 hours of the buyer raising return request.

Note: For purchases on Amazon Business, a Claim may be requested by a different account than the one that originally placed the order if the buyer belongs to a business group. When a business has multiple user accounts within a group, the group administrator may initiate A-to-z Claims on orders placed by any members of their group.

What is the process for filing, investigating and appealing an A-to-z Guarantee Claim?

  1. You have the opportunity to resolve the issue directly with the buyer. If you are contacted by a buyer about an unsatisfactory post-order experience via Buyer-Seller Messages or return request, and are unable to resolve the issue within 48 hours, then buyer is eligible to file a Claim.
  2. If a Claim is filed, there are four possible outcomes:
    1. The buyer withdraws the Claim and the Claim is closed, with no impact to your account health or Order Defect Rate.
    2. You can decide to issue a full refund to the buyer by clicking refund customer as the investigation is under progress and the Claim will be closed. This will be reflected in your Order Defect Rate; therefore, the best scenario is to resolve any issues directly with the buyer within the first 48 hours of it being raised through Buyer-Seller Messages or return request. If you refund the buyer’s payment, you may choose to request that the buyer return the item before you process the refund.
    3. Amazon investigates the Claim manually and makes a determination as to whether to grant, or not grant, the Claim in favour of buyer. Manually investigated Claims are resolved based on several factors, including your response (if any) on Buyer-Seller Messages or return request with the buyer. During this process, Amazon may ask you for additional information (visit how to respond to an A-to-z Guarantee Claim notification) and represent your version of events. It is important for you to provide as much additional, relevant and compelling information about the transaction or specific actions taken regarding the transaction. If you do not respond to our information request within 48 hours, Amazon may grant the Claim in favour of the buyer, which will be reflected in your account health or Order Defect Rate (ODR).
    4. Amazon automatically grants Claims and debits Claim amount from your account when any of the below criteria are met:
      • Order did not have a trackable shipping method and not provided valid order tracking IDs in the Manage orders page when order was placed.
      • The customer contacted you via Buyer-Seller Messages for delivery-related issue or via return request for product-related issue and has not received a response within 48 hours.
      • You have not shipped the order by the expected ship date.
      • You have not delivered the order by the estimated delivery date (EDD).

    These outcomes would also be reflected in your account health or Order Defect Rate (ODR).

  3. You have a 30-day appeal period. If Amazon grants a Claim in favour of a buyer, you have 30 days to appeal and request a further investigation. If you do not appeal within 30 days, the Claim is closed and any negative impact to your account health cannot be reversed. Visit our help page to understand how to appeal an A-to-z Guarantee Claim.
  4. A final decision is made. Based on the results of the appeals investigation, Amazon will make a final decision on whether to reverse the initial decision and reimburse you for the Claim incurred.

How do I know when a Claim has been submitted?

When a buyer files a Claim under Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee, you will receive an email notifying you of the Claim. You can also track Claims filed by your buyers by navigating to the A-to-z Guarantee Claims page in Your seller account under the Performance tab. Email notifications are sent for your convenience only. You are responsible for monitoring and resolving your Claims. You can also use this quick link to monitor A-to-z Guarantee Claims status by entering a Claims-related order ID.

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