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Download a report of buyer feedback

You can download a report for all neutral (3 stars) and negative (1 and 2 stars) feedback you have received from buyers within a selected period of up to one year. This report is in tab-delimited text-file format (.txt) and contains all the data you see in the View Current Feedback table in Feedback Manager.

Note: It can take up to 45 minutes to generate the report, and larger reports will take longer. You don't need to stay on this page while the report is generating; return later to download your completed report.

To generate a feedback report:

  1. In Feedback Manager, select Download feedback reports.
  2. On the Feedback Reports page, select a report from Select Report Type.
  3. Select the time span for the report from Select Days.
  4. Click Request Report to generate a report.
  5. In the Download column, you can view the report status and availability. Click Refresh to update the status. When your report is ready, the status will change from "Not Ready" to a download button.
  6. Click Download to download your report.

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