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Get Tax-Exemption Certificates

If you use Amazon’s Tax Calculation Services and participate in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP), the buyer exemption document used to exempt taxes on a purchase will be available to search and download from your Tax Document Library within 48 hours from the order completion.

You will be provided a secure link to access the order specific exemption document by following these steps:

  1. In Seller Central, under Reports, click on Tax Document Library
  2. Click on Tax-Exemption Certificates
  3. Enter your search criteria (order ID or date range)
  4. Click the Get report button
  5. Click the Download report button under the Reports (CSV) column
  6. An Excel document will open with order ID’s and links to the order specific exemption documents
  7. Copy and paste the secure link into your browser from the downloaded report
  8. Sign into the secure document server using your Seller Central primary account holder credentials
  9. Only the primary account holder credentials have access to tax-exemption documents on the secure server
  10. Your tax-exemption certificate will download automatically after signing in
    Note: Always review the seller information on each tax-exemption certificate report to confirm that it is accurate.

    If you are unable to get a tax-exemption certificate by following the steps above, confirm that you meet the following criteria:

    • The order ID you provided is valid
    • The date range you provided is valid
    • The order confirmed shipment was greater than 48 hours ago
      • Confirm order completion in your Order Details
    • Confirm a tax exemption was applied to an order ID within the date range you provided
      • Your Sales Tax Report will populate data in the Buyer_Exemption columns
    • Confirm you are enrolled in ATEP.
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