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Fine Jewellery Terms and Conditions

  • I have read and understand the Fine Jewellery Terms and Conditions, Jewellery Quality Assurance Standards, Precious Metals Marketing Act , and Restricted Products guidelines, located in Seller Central. I have also read and understand the Categorization of Fine vs. Fashion and Tips for Listing Jewellery Help pages, located in Seller Central.
  • All the products I intend to sell are new and authentic. I understand that counterfeit, replica, or knock-off products are prohibited on Amazon.
  • I will not price any jewellery item above $125,000.
  • I understand that any white diamond products containing single stones that are 0.75 carats or greater (rings and pendants) or two stones that are greater than 1.0 carats (stud earrings) must be accompanied with an original grading report or certificate of authenticity from either GIA, IGI, AGS, or GCAL.
  • I understand that a non-refundable $5,000 application fee will be charged to my account upon submission of the Fine Jewellery Application. I understand that this fee will also be charged if I re-apply to the Fine Jewellery category and that the fee will not be refunded if my items fail the Fine Jewellery Application Review.
  • I understand that I must participate in a Jewellery Quality Assurance Review as part of the Fine Jewellery Application Process. This review includes submitting a selection of my Fine Jewellery items that I intend to sell on Amazon for review. I understand that it takes around six weeks, but may take up to 10 weeks, to process my application, including the submission of my sample items for review.
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