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Stranded inventory (overview)

Stranded inventory is FBA inventory in fulfilment centres that does not have an associated active offer, and, as a result, is not available for sale on Amazon.

Note: If you have units of an ASIN stranded in the fulfilment centre, please do not send additional inventory of that ASIN to Amazon. As of September 2017, there are no exceptions to this policy.

If you add a product with stranded inventory to your shipment, you will receive a stranded inventory alert.

Amazon notifies you about stranded inventory in three ways:

Reasons for stranded inventory

When you delete or close a listing or change it from Fulfilled by Amazon to Fulfilled by Merchant, it may strand your inventory. Product listing issues, infringement concerns, or system errors can also result in stranded inventory.

For the complete list of explanations for stranded inventory, please see Resolve stranded inventory issues.

Important: If you do not create a listing or a removal order for your stranded inventory within 30 days of receiving notice, Amazon may designate your inventory as unsellable. You are required to remove unsellable units (or unsuitable units) as stated in the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement and in our Required Removals policy.

Avoid stranded inventory issues

Please do not close or delete a listing immediately after selling through your inventory

If there is lost inventory at the fulfilment centre, or if there are customer returns of an item without an active offer, this inventory will be stranded.

Bulk upload templates

If the quantity column is populated on Bulk upload template (e.g. Inventory Loader), listings will automatically change from Fulfilled by Amazon to Fulfilled by Merchant which will strand your inventory.

Additionally, if you do not fill out the Is this product a battery or does it require batteries? column, it may strand your inventory in some categories.

Avoid creating multiple offers for the same product

When you create a new or revise an existing listing, make sure that the ASIN, SKU, and condition are the same as the inventory in your stranded inventory list.

Include all vital information for a listing before sending a shipment, including the brand, category, price, and condition.

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