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Inventory storage limits

Your storage limit is the total amount of inventory that you can store in Amazon fulfilment centres. If you are subject to a restock limit, a restock limit monitor will appear in several places in your seller account, including in your Shipping Queue.

Storage limits are evaluated periodically to determine whether your limit should be adjusted.

We may also create storage limits for specific ASINs. If an ASIN-specific limit is applied to your seller account, you can find the details in the downloadable Inventory Health report under the header ASIN-limit. This information is not available in the online Inventory Health report.

Your current inventory level takes into account your inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres, shipments that have been created but haven't yet arrived, and any processed removal orders.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your inventory level to be updated once a shipment is received at an Amazon fulfilment centre.

The green, yellow, and red indicators also alert you to how close you are to your limit:

Green Your inventory level is at less than 75% of your limit
Yellow Your inventory level is between 75% and 90% of your limit
Red Your inventory level is at more than 90% of your limit

Exceeding your limit

You will not be able to create a new shipment until your inventory level drops below your limit. For ASIN-specific limits, you will not be able to add those ASINs to a new shipment until your inventory of that ASIN drops below your limit.

If you send more inventory than your storage limit allows, the extra inventory may be refused at the fulfilment centre. For more information, go to Shipping and routing requirements.

There are three ways to decrease the amount of inventory you have in an Amazon fulfilment centre:

  • Sell some of your current inventory. Manage Excess Inventory provides recommendations to increase sales.
  • Request to have some of your inventory returned to you by creating a removal order
  • Request to have some of your inventory disposed of by creating a removal order
Important: Customer returns contribute to your overall inventory count.

When you create a removal order, cancel a shipment, or make similar changes, the inventory storage monitor won't reflect the changes until your request has been processed, which typically happens on the following day.

ASIN-level limits

You may sometimes be unable to ship units of an ASIN to Amazon after you submit a removal order for the return or disposal of units for this ASIN from a fulfilment centre. This situation often occurs in conjunction with a promotion or before a long-term storage fee assessment.

You may be able to ship this ASIN again after a designated date. You also can send limited quantities of the ASIN if your inventory levels are less than your total projected sales for the next four weeks. Projected sales are based on your actual sales from the past 90 days. Under this scenario, quantities are limited to the number of units that are required to cover projected sales of this ASIN in the next 90 days.

For more information, go to Limits on sending ASINs to Amazon.

Storage limit frequently asked questions

Why do I have a storage limit?

To help you manage space in our fulfilment centres for all the products that customers want, we assign storage limits. Limits are based on past sales, current inventory levels, and fulfilment centre capacity. If your storage limit seems low, it’s probably because you’re able to maintain 2 to 4 months of sales for your products with less inventory.

How do I know how many units of a product I can send?

You can see the current limit and utilization for your standard-size and oversize products in the storage monitor in your Shipping Queue.

Note: To view the limits for your destination country, select the marketplace destination of the shipment. The default storage limit that appears will apply to the country for the last shipment that you created.

How long will my storage limit stay in place?

We periodically assess storage limits. If your inventory performance changes, your storage limit may be updated.

I’ve exceeded my storage limit. Will I have to create a removal order to get within my storage limit?

Only inventory that is older than 15 months will be subject to removal (for a fee) after our free inventory removal promotion ends. If you’ve exceeded your storage limit but your inventory is not older than 15 months, then you are not required to move it.

In fact, we encourage you to sell through these units. You cannot create new shipments until your inventory in fulfilment centres is below your storage limit. Shipments that were created before your limit went into effect will be received.

Can I ask for an increase in my storage limit?

We cannot take requests to change storage limits.

Inventory storage limits

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