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Inventory file templates

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.
Note: Macros in inventory file templates are no longer supported.

To create an inventory file, you need a copy of the template you plan to use. An Inventory File Template is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains multiple columns for describing and listing your products. It also contains tabs with definitions for each column. Some template files include macros that help to automate tasks required to populate and upload your file.

The templates you need to create product pages and listings can be downloaded from this page. For category-specific product files, also download the applicable Browse Tree Guide (BTG) to select browse paths and browse node IDs on the website to complete your category product files.

For detailed instructions on how to create a category-specific inventory file using an Inventory File Template and ICG, see Build My Inventory File. For additional information about the Standard Book Loader file and Music Loader, see File Formats for BMVD. For instructions on using other matching and update templates, see Inventory Loader Instructions or Price & Quantity Updates.

Choosing a Text-file Template

There are a number of text files available for uploading your inventory to Amazon. Which file you choose will depend on your specific needs, and you may find it helpful to use different file types for different purposes.

The main distinction to make when selecting a file is whether you need to create product pages or whether you will only be matching to existing pages to create product offerings. Creating new pages requires you to provide a range of product attributes in your file. Matching can be done using only the product identifier, such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN, and then providing listing details such as condition, item notes, price and quantity.

If you want to upload only listing information (such as price and quantity), and not product information (such as title and description), you can use the Inventory Loader. For quick updates, use the Price & Quantity File. These files offer a simple way to upload or edit your listing information for products that already exist on

File Type Use Case File name More info
Product page creation and matching
  • Page does not exist in catalogue
  • You have full product information
Category-specific Inventory Files Templates for each category are in the table below; UIEE files can also be used for Books
Product matching only
  • Page exists in catalogue
  • You do not have full product information
Inventory Loader File

Inventory updates Quick updates to price or quantity only Price & Quantity File 3-column format
Category-specific Inventory Files For non-BMVD files, use the PartialUpdate feature
Update listing data only Inventory Loader, Category-Specific Inventory Files UIEE can also be used as a modify file
Shipping options Update BMVD shipping service options per listing Inventory Loader, Book Loader, Music Loader, Video Loader UIEE files allow batch updates only
Change shipping amounts for specific products Shipping Override File Shipping overrides are not available for BMVD products
Product data changes Update data contributions to product pages Category-specific Inventory Files For single products, use "Add a Product" instead
Delete product and catalogue contributions Non-BMVD Inventory Files Use "Delete"
Inventory Loader, Book Loader, Music Loader, Video Loader Use "x"

Download Instructions

We do not recommend you open these files directly in your browser. Instead, save the file to your local computer and then open it using your spreadsheet program.

  1. In your browser, right-click the link for the file you want.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Save Target As.
  3. When the Save As dialog box appears, choose a location on your local computer, and then click Save.

Additional Notes

  • The template names in the chart below do not necessarily correspond to categories or product tabs on Amazon.
  • Template versions do not necessarily match the release package number.
  • The Required column of the template specifies which elements are mandatory and which are optional.
  • You can use the BTGs to find browse paths and browse node IDs to add to your category product files.
  • You do not need to use a BTG for the Books category.
  • If the template you are downloading includes macros, you may need to take additional steps when opening the file. For instructions, see Enabling Macros in Excel.

Text-file Templates

Match and Update Template Downloadable Documents
Inventory Loader Matching File Template
Price and Quantity Update File Template
Product Category Downloadable Documents
Automotive Parts & Accessories* (See also: Tires) Inventory File Template BTG
Baby Inventory File Template BTG
Beauty Inventory File Template BTG
Books Inventory File Template --
Camera & Photo Inventory File Template Use the BTG for Consumer Electronics
Cell Phones (Wireless) Inventory File Template Use the BTG for Consumer Electronics
Clothing and Accessories Inventory File Template BTG
Consumer Electronics Inventory File Template BTG
Grocery & Gourmet Food Inventory File Template BTG
Health & Personal Care Inventory File Template BTG
Home & Garden Inventory File Template BTG
Industrial and Scientific

Food Service File Template

Industrial File Template

Lab Supply File Template

Professional Healthcare File Template

Jewellery* Inventory File Template BTG
Large Appliances Inventory File Template BTG
Lawn & Garden Use the Home & Garden template** BTG
Luggage & Bags Inventory File Template BTG
Music Inventory File Template --
Musical Instruments Inventory File Template BTG
Office Products Inventory File Template Use the BTG for Consumer Electronics
Personal Computers Inventory File Template Use the BTG for Consumer Electronics
Pet Supplies Inventory File Template BTG
Shoes & Handbags Inventory File Template BTG
Software & Video Games Inventory File Template BTG



(Video Games)

Sports & Outdoors Inventory File Template BTG
Sports Collectibles* Inventory File Template BTG
Tires (see also: Automotive Parts & Accessories) Inventory File Template BTG
Tools & Building Supplies Inventory File Template BTG
Toys & Games Inventory File Template BTG
Video & DVD Inventory File Template --
Watches* Inventory File Template BTG

*Sellers listing in this category must be approved by Amazon. Please see our Categories Requiring Approval page for more information.

** Select ProductType = OutdoorLiving or ProductType = SeedsAndPlants.

Use Global SKUs

You can use inventory file templates to upload product data to multiple marketplaces using your North America unified account. To do so, prepare your files separately using the browse tree guide and inventory file template for each website.

Before you upload your file, check to be sure the Quantity value is greater than 0 (zero) for listings that use a global SKU. If you change the quantity to 0 in one marketplace, the listing will be removed from all Amazon North America marketplaces. If you no longer wish to list in a specific marketplace, use the delete field for your template.

When you're file is ready to upload, check the website selected in the Marketplace Switcher to make sure you upload inventory files to the correct website. For more information, see Sharing Your Available Inventory.

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