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Types of Business Reports

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

You have access to several different kinds of business reports that you can access from the Business Reports section of Seller Central.

By Date, By ASIN and Other Business Reports

In the left navigation bar, there is a series of reports organized By Date, By ASIN and Other.

The Pivot button allows you to switch your Business Reports from by Date to by ASIN. This function is available for Business Reports by Date only (not for by ASIN). Return to Business Reports by Date by clicking the same button, now labelled Return to Date Report.

Data for these reports is generally available for up to two years.

You can download comma-delimited (CSV) reports by clicking Download. Check the boxes next to the rows that you want to download. If no rows are selected, all rows will be included.

If you've created a custom report, you can save the settings by bookmarking the page or copying and saving the URL so that you can retrieve it later. Your report's parameters are contained within the URL.

One of the popular reports is By Date: Sales and Traffic. The following table shows how the different columns in this table are calculated:

Field name Calculation
Ordered Product Sales Sum(ItemPrice * UnitsOrdered)
Units Ordered Sum("Ordered Units")
Total Order Items Sum("Order Items")
Average Sales per Order Item Ordered Product Sales/Total Order Items
Average Units per Order Item Units Ordered/Total Order Items
Average Selling Price Ordered Product Sales/Units Ordered
Sessions * Sum("Distinct Session Count")
Order Item Session Percentage Total Order Items/Sessions
Average Offer Count Sum("Offer Count")/Sum (1)
Note: Applies only when Offering Count > 0. Sum (1) stands for "Number of days in a specific time period"
Shipped Product Sales Sum("ItemPrice" * "UnitsOrdered") confirmed shipped in a specific time period
Shipped Order Items Sum("Order Items") confirmed shipped in a specific time period

* A session corresponds to a customer visit to Amazon pages. During a visit, even though a customer views a number of pages multiple times (within 24 hours), it will all be considered as one session. Page views are the actual number of times a customer visited that page. In one session a customer can have multiple page views. As a result, the report can show a lower number of sessions than page views.

The Listings with missing information report, under Other, takes you to the Manage Inventory tool. In Manage Inventory, you will find a variety of filters to identify listings that are incomplete or contain incorrect information. For more information, see Listing quality.

Amazon Selling Coach

As we identify opportunities to maximize your effectiveness, we will alert you through Amazon Selling Coach, both through Business Reports and on your seller account home page.

In Business Reports, opportunities are grouped by: Product Opportunities, Inventory Opportunities, Fulfilment Opportunities, and Low Price Opportunities. You can vote on individual Business Report pages via the "Is this helpful?" feature to indicate which of our product and opportunity recommendations are relevant to you to improve further recommendations.

  • Feature Recommendations
  • Product Recommendations
  • Inventory Recommendations
  • Fulfilment Recommendations
  • Suggested lower prices
  • Advertising Recommendations
  • Operational Notifications

If you vote Yes on any Opportunities, your interest in the product(s) is recorded to better refine your future personalized recommendations.

If you vote No on any Opportunities, you will no longer see that product in any report related to that opportunity. You may still receive personalized recommendations for that product under other opportunities; for example, if you voted No on a particular ASIN under Product Opportunities and Yes for that same ASIN under Inventory Opportunities, you will not receive any recommendations to create offers for that product, but you may still receive recommendations for other actions for that product, such as restocking low inventory.

Amazon Selling Coach opportunities are calculated daily.

Note: Inventory and pricing information may not reflect your latest reported inventory and price.

Learn more about the Amazon Selling Coach.

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