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This article applies to selling in: Canada

Default transit time for international sellers

Amazon sets default transit times for sellers who ship from a country outside the home marketplace.

The chart below shows the default shipping times to Canada by shipping region:

Ships from location Default shipping time
United States 7-14 days
Asia 14-28 days
Europe 14-28 days
Middle East 14-28 days
Africa 14-28 days
South America 14-28 days

Provide more flexible and faster shipping

To be eligible to set more flexible transit times on your shipping templates, you must use a carrier that ships faster than the default times listed above, and you must also meet the delivery performance requirements below.

Requirements (based on orders within the past 30 calendar days):

  • Valid Tracking Rate for all categories > 95%
  • On-Time Delivery Rate > 97%
  • Fulfilled more than 10 orders

    Check your Performance metrics

Amazon bases your eligibility to set faster transit times on your delivery metrics within a period of 30 calendar days.

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