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Tips for Listing Jewelry

Use these tips to help you ensure that your products have clear and accurate titles, product features, specifications, and descriptions. Your products must meet or exceed their representation on the Amazon website. Products with the most accurate titles are more likely to fulfill buyers’ expectations.

  1. Provide attributes for total metal weight, metal type, and metal stamp for all your products.
  2. Identify the minimum metal weight within 5% accuracy. The minimum metal weight for your items should include all components of the jewelry items such as earring backs, posts, pendants, and chains. Different ring sizes may have different metal weights.
  3. Do not identify an item as being “hypoallergenic” unless it is either free of all known allergens, is a pure metal, or you have scientific evidence that the product does not cause allergic reactions.
    Note: Jewelry containing tungsten, stainless steel, and nickel-plated sterling silver cannot be described as hypoallergenic.
  4. Identify your product as fine metal-filled or fine metal-plated in the title, product features, specifications, and descriptions. For example, you must clearly identify applicable products as “gold-filled” or “gold-plated.” Additionally, make sure to clearly describe all parts of your product that may be of a different quality. For example, sterling-silver pendant with silver-plated chain.
  5. Indicate your gold product’s fineness, such as 18k or 14k, in the title, product features, specifications, and descriptions. This rule applies to all gold-filled and gold-plated items. Gold alloy products with less than 10k fineness cannot be described as “gold.”
  6. Do not use fine metal names or gemstone names to describe a product’s color. For example, do not describe an item as “amethyst CZ.” If an item has a gold color, you may describe it as, for example, “gold-tone.”
  7. Provide total diamond weight, stone color, and stone clarity attributes for all diamond products.
  8. Identify cultured, farmed, and freshwater pearls with the word “cultured” in your product’s title, product features, specifications, and descriptions.
  9. Identify any treatments, such as heat treatment, irradiation, coatings, or oiling, for all gemstone, pearls, and diamond products. Glass-filled gemstones and clarity-enhanced diamonds are not eligible for sale on
  10. Identify the creation method (such as imitation, or synthetic) for your products in the title, product features, specifications and descriptions to describe pearls, diamonds, birthstones, or gemstones that are not natural. For example, you cannot use the word “birthstone” alone to describe an imitation (simulated), or synthetic (laboratory-created) gemstone. You must precede it with the correct descriptor, which could include “laboratory-grown,” “laboratory-created,”, “imitation,” “simulated”, or “synthetic” ,for example: “imitation July birthstone”. If the birthstone is a natural gemstone, the above stated rule does not apply. A product described as a “July birthstone” would mean that you are describing a natural birthstone.

Note: We suggest that you perform your own jewelry quality assurance. A few places to start looking include: understanding what you are selling, knowing your raw materials, developing an in-house quality-assurance process that ensures your employees follow your process from beginning to end, and routinely performing quality assurance on your listings by double-checking that all appropriate fields are filled out accurately. Remember all your listings must meet all applicable legal, regulatory and policy requirements, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Jewelry Guidelines and the Amazon Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards. Search "Amazon Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards" in Seller Central to read the full article.
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