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Amazon Partnered Carrier Service FAQ

  1. I ship my products to Amazon directly from manufacturers and other distributors. Can I still use the Amazon Partnered Carrier service and benefit from the discounted rates?
    Yes. You can use the Amazon Partnered Carrier service even when you are shipping directly from the manufacturer or supplier. All you need is the shipment details while creating the shipment in Seller Central. You need to know the number of boxes, weight and dimension of each box to be able to calculate the rate and print shipping labels. Once you print the labels, you need to send those labels to your manufacturer/supplier. Please also make sure to enter the manufacturer’s address as the "Ship From" location.
  2. Can I get the scheduled pick up from my local UPS office if I use the Amazon Partnered Small Parcel Delivery service?
    Yes. You can schedule a pick-up service with your local UPS when using Amazon Partnered Carrier services.
  3. Can I get a confirmation receipt from UPS after the UPS driver picks up my Partnered Carrier inbound shipment?
    Yes. You should get a confirmation receipt from UPS drivers. Drivers scan all inbound packages at the Seller location during pickup. While this scan is considered the Origin Scan and the official record that the UPS has possession of the shipment, it is advisable to obtain a confirmation receipt. The Origin Scan event can be seen as part of the tracking history on the Seller Central Shipment Summary page under "Track Shipment" tab as well as on the shipment tracking tool on the UPS website.
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