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Categorization of Fine vs. Fashion Jewellery

Jewellery listed on Amazon can be classified as either a "fine" or "fashion" jewellery item, depending on the jewellery materials. Follow these guidelines to determine whether your product is considered "fine" or "fashion". Incorrectly listing and/or misrepresenting fashion jewellery materials as fine jewellery, or fine jewellery materials as fashion jewellery, may result in suspension or removal of your selling privileges.

If any part of your jewellery item includes a fine jewellery material – that is, if it includes a cultured or natural pearl, a diamond, or a fine gemstone listed in section 1.2 or 1.3, or if the metal is composed of a fine metal material listed in section 1.1 – then the item is considered a fine jewellery item.

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1.0 Fine Jewellery

Fine jewellery is made of precious metal and/or set with precious or semi-precious gemstones and/or cultured or natural pearls:

1.1 Fine jewellery metals are precious metals in the silver, gold and platinum families. Amazon classifies an item as "Fine Jewellery" if it has one or more components made with one of these precious metals, or an underlying precious metal covered with another precious metal (including vermeil). More specifically, fine jewellery metal compositions include silver, gold, vermeil and platinum family metals. Fine jewellery also includes jewellery made with an underlying precious metal and plated with a precious metal.

More specifically, fine jewellery metals include argentium silver, argentium plated silver, black-rhodium-plated-silver, bonded-gold-and-silver, gold, gold-plated-silver, palladium, platinum, platinum-and-sterling-silver, platinum-and-white-gold, platinum-and-yellow-gold, platinum-flashed-silver, platinum-plated-gold, platinum-plated-silver, rhodium-flashed-silver, rhodium-plated-gold, rhodium-plated-gold-and-silver, rhodium-plated-silver, rhodium-plated-white-gold, rhodium-plated-yellow-gold, rose-and-white-gold, rose-and-yellow-gold, rose-gold, rose-gold-and-sterling-silver, rose-gold-flashed-silver, sterling-silver, tri-colour-gold, two-tone-silver-and-gold-plated, vermeil, white-and-yellow-gold, white-gold, white-gold-and-sterling-silver, white-gold-plated-silver, yellow-gold, yellow-gold-and-sterling-silver, yellow-gold-flashed-silver and yellow-gold-plated-silver.

1.2 Fine jewellery gems include faceted, smooth or rough stones or beads of the following:

Fine jewellery gems include alexandrite, almandite-garnet, amethyst, ametrine, ammolite, andalusite, andradite-garnet, apatite, aquamarine, beryl, black-diamond, black-opal, blue-diamond, blue-opal, blue-sapphire, blue-topaz, blue-zircon, boulder-opal, brown-diamond, champagne-diamond, chrome-diopside, chrome-tourmaline, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, citrine, corundum, demantoid-garnet, diamond, emerald, ethiopian-opal, fire-opal, garnet, golden-topaz, green-garnet, green-quartz, green-sapphire, green-tourmaline, grossular-garnet, heliodor, hessonite, hiddenite, imperial-topaz, indicolite, indicolite-tourmaline, iolite, jade, jadeite, jet, kunzite, kyanite, lab-grown-diamond, labradorite, lapis-lazuli, lemon-quartz, london-blue-topaz, madeira-citrine, malachite, mandarin-garnet, medusa-quartz, mint-tourmaline, moldavite, moonstone, morganite, nephrite-jade, opal, ouro-verde-quartz, padparadscha, paraiba-tourmaline, peridot, peruvian-opal, pink-amethyst, pink-diamond, pink-quartz, pink-sapphire, pink-topaz, pink-tourmaline, prasiolite-quartz, pyrope-garnet, quartz, red-diamond, rhodolite-garnet, rose-quartz, rubellite-tourmaline, ruby, rutilated-quartz, sapphire, smoky-quartz, spessartite-garnet, sphene, spinel, star-ruby, star-sapphire, swiss-blue-topaz, tanzanite, tiger-eye, topaz, tourmaline, tsavorite, turquoise, watermelon-tourmaline, white-diamond, white-sapphire, white-topaz, yellow-diamond, yellow-sapphire, yellow-topaz, zircon-gemstone and zoisite.

1.3 Fine jewellery pearls include the following types of natural and cultured pearls:

Fine jewellery pearls include akoya-cultured, biwa-cultured, chinese-freshwater-cultured, freshwater-cultured, hybrid-cultured, keshi-cultured, mabe-cultured, natural-pearl, south-sea-baroque-cultured, south-sea-cultured and tahitian-cultured.

2.0 Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery is not made of precious metals (except precious metal plating over non-precious/base metal) and does not contain any of the precious or semi-precious gemstones, pearls or other materials listed above in Section 1.0, Fine Jewellery.

2.1 Fashion jewellery metals include base metals, such as brass, cobalt, copper, iron pyrite, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten. Fashion jewellery also includes jewellery made with an underlying base metal and plated with a precious metal.

More specifically, fashion jewellery metals include alloy, argentium-plated-base, argentium-plated-brass, argentium-plated-bronze, argentium-plated-stainless-steel, argentium-plated-titanium, base, brass, bronze, cobalt, copper, gold-filled-base, gold-plated-base, gold-plated-brass, gold-plated-bronze, gold-plated-copper, gold-plated-stainless-steel, gold-plated-titanium, nickel, pewter, platinum-and-gold-plated-base, platinum-plated-base, platinum-plated-brass, platinum-plated-bronze, platinum-plated-stainless-steel, platinum-plated-titanium, rhodium-plated-base-metal, rhodium-plated-brass, rhodium-plated-bronze, rhodium-plated-stainless-steel, rhodium-plated-titanium, rose-gold-plated-base, rose-gold-plated-brass, rose-gold-plated-bronze, rose-gold-plated-stainless-steel, rose-gold-plated-titanium, silver-and-gold-plated-base, silver-plated-base, silver-plated-brass, silver-plated-bronze, silver-plated-stainless-steel, silver-plated-titanium, stainless-steel, tantalum, titanium, titanium-and-stainless-steel, tungsten, yellow-gold-plated-base, yellow-gold-plated-brass, yellow-gold-plated-bronze, yellow-gold-plated-stainless-steel and yellow-gold-plated-titanium.

2.2 Fashion jewellery gems include agate, amazonite, amber, amblygonite, aventurine, azurite, bloodstone, blue-agate, blue-amber, blue-chalcedony, botswana-agate, brazilianite , butterscotch-amber, calcite, caribbean-amber, carnelian, celestite, chalcedony, charoite, cherry-amber, cinnabar, compressed-turquoise, copper-sunstone, cream-amber, created-alexandrite, created-amethyst, created-aquamarine, created-blue-sapphire, created-citrine, created-emerald, created-garnet, created-opal, created-padparadscha, created-peridot, created-pink-sapphire, created-quartz, created-ruby, created-sapphire, created-spinel, created-topaz, created-turquoise, created-white-sapphire, created-yellow-sapphire, cubic-zirconia, danburite, diaspore, diopside, drusy-quartz, dumortierite, dyed-howlite, epidote, fluorite, fuchsite, gaspeite, goshenite, green-amber, green-chalcedony, gypsum, hauyne, hematite, hickoryite, honey-amber, howlite, iron-pyrite, jasper, larimar, lavender-chalcedony, lemon-amber, magnesite, marcasite, moissanite, multi-colour-amber, mystic-topaz, obsidian, onyx, orange-agate, orange-chalcedony, petalite, pezzottaite, pink-chalcedony, prehnite, quartzite, red-agate, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose-de-france, sardonyx, scapolite, sea-blue-chalcedony, selenite, serpentine, sodalite, spectrolite, sphalerite, stabilized-turquoise, strontium-titanate, sunstone-feldspar, swedish-slag, tashmarine-diopside, triplet-opal, white-agate, yellow-amber, yellow-scapolite, yttrium-aluminium-garnet and zandrite.

2.3 Fashion jewellery pearls include composite-shell-pearls and imitation-pearls.

2.4 Other fashion jewellery materials include bamboo, bone, ceramic, coral, crystal, enamel, epoxy, fabric, feather, glass, horn, leather, plastic, resin, rhinestone, rubber, shell and wood.

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