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Sports & Outdoors UPC Requirements & Exemptions

With limited exceptions, UPCs are required for all major brand products in Sports & Outdoors. UPCs improve product matching and help customers find the products they want to buy.

To assist you with providing UPCs for your inventory, we have created a list of brands for which UPCs are required. Sellers should provide UPCs in product feeds for all of existing and new products from major brands on the following list: Sports & Outdoors UPC Required Brands.

Most product packaging includes the product's UPC. See our Help page on Locating Product Identifiers if you need assistance identifying the UPC code for your product. You can also obtain a product's UPC by contacting your supplier or manufacturer.

We understand that UPCs do not exist for some products, including private label and specialized products. For these products, we do not require a UPC. If you sell products that do not have UPCs, please contact us to request an exemption. See the Sports & Outdoors UPC Exemption Requests page for more instructions.

When you submit your exemption request, be sure to provide detailed information about your products, including the brand, along with an explanation of why you are requesting an exemption. We also ask that you provide us with the URL of your company website where we can view your products.

If your request is approved, you may list the products included in the exemption. If your request is not approved, then the products that are not exempted and do not have UPCs may not be listed on

Sports & Outdoors UPC Requirements & Exemptions

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